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Lorenzo Escobal – Up and Coming Award

Class of 2014 - Bachelor of Commerce, Faculty of Business and Information Technology

Lorenzo is a successful serial entrepreneur. He was only a first-year student  when he founded his first business, Inception Automotive Detailing in 2011. Today it's an award-winning business that provides mobile auto detailing services in the Greater Toronto Area. “My company is one of the top-ranked in Google search listings in the GTA,” said Lorenzo, “and has earned a respected online reputation with a high number of favourable reviews.”

In 2014 Lorenzo co-founded and became Director of Marketing of Medpro 3D Inc., a medical rapid-prototyping company that works with medical professionals, transforming medical scans such as MRI and CT to create accurate, life-scale 3D tangible models.

When Lorenzo started university he wasn't sure what he wanted to study. At the end of his second year, when he had to select a major, he chose marketing because he had the highest grades in that subject. By the end of third year, "I loved every aspect of marketing and understood how very important it is for any business."

An active networker, Lorenzo is a member of and volunteer with the Mississauga Board of Trade, serving on the Ambassador and NGen committees. He also seeks media appearances and has been interviewed on CBC Radio One, among other media. “I want to inspire high school, college and university students to start their own businesses," said Lorenzo. Consequently, he has addressed students at UOIT, the University of Toronto and several high schools.

Here's some of the advice this entrepreneur offers students. "Having failures in life gives you the opportunity to learn from them and to develop yourself. Surround yourself with people who are more successful than you; you can learn a lot from them. Attend as many networking events you can and connect with people – your network becomes your net worth. Rather than following the money, let the money follow you. Always do your best in what you do.  Give back more than you receive – what goes around, comes around."