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Commerce degree gives alumnus the competitive advantage

Class of 2007
Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)
Faculty of Business and Information Technology
Crediting the university with giving him a competitive advantage, Brian now has a career that’s flourishing in Houston, Texas. He's the Vice President, Americas - Sales for Lloyd's Register Energy, which provides a range of services such as inspection, maintenance, compliance, risk management and QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment). He’s was one of the youngest employees to be named General Manager for this global organization with more than 6,000 employees before being promoted to Vice President. “It is a tremendous feeling to have the support of my company in handing the keys over to an entire operation.”
Brian says that "my time at the university gave me the confidence to head right into the working world and not feel like I was ‘new’ at employment.” This was thanks to classroom visits by industry leaders and course content. To this day, he still refers to notes from his Strategy course as he builds business plans, budgets and sales and marketing reports.
Today, says Brian, “with so many graduates pouring out of schools, you need to have a competitive advantage, whether through public speaking or technical skills.” He advises current students to "push instructors to allow you to practise your skills in a competitive environment."

Brian's next adventure is on its way; his wife Danelle is currently expecting their second child.