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Winter Driving Tips

To help you get where you’re going this winter season, we’ve compiled some of the top tips for safe seasonal driving.

Keep a safe distance

It’s often more difficult to stop in winter weather, so keeping a safe distance behind vehicles will help you avoid rear-ending someone. It’s especially important to keep your distance behind snowplows and transport trucks as their tires throw up snow and slush that can compromise your visibility.

Skip the cruise control

Cruise control is great when driving conditions are normal, but it’s easier to lose control of your vehicle when the weather is bad and the roads are slippery.

Get (or put on) winter tires

Although only legally mandatory in Quebec, it’s a smart idea to put winter tires on your vehicle. Even if you have all-season tires, they are not the same as winter tires. The traction, handling, and braking can be seriously compromised. As a general rule, winter tires become necessary when the temperature drops to 7 °C. 

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