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Brittani Van Dusen

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Brittani Van Dusen | Class of 2016

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Communication and Digital Media 
Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

“Every year of university that went by, my path became clearer and more exciting,” says Brittani. “I didn’t just get a degree, I gained invaluable knowledge about myself and the world.”  

She learned that she loves to explore, read, create – and to learn about people. “I’m so privileged to be working in my chosen field,” Brittani says. Since 2018 she has been working as a Key Account Manager with Sales Talent Agency, a North American sales recruitment company based in Toronto. She also recently started working as a Contract Sales Recruiter for Clearbanc, which provides affordable growth capital for online brands.  

Brittani has always been a hard worker; she started her first part-time job at the age of 15. She dreamt of becoming a paramedic but soon determined that she wasn’t suited for that career. Instead, Brittani joined the Communication and Digital Media Studies program at Ontario Tech University.  

Determined to put herself through university, Brittani held up to four concurrent part-time jobs during her years of undergraduate study. On campus she worked as a Marketing Assistant and as a volunteer in a number of roles: Vice-chair of the Communication Council, Writing Peer Tutor, and blogger for Student Speak, the online source of Ontario Tech student experiences.  

Brittani felt “valued and inspired” by the university’s teaching faculty. As the recipient of a donor award, she also received some welcome financial assistance for her ambitions. Brittani has realized those ambitions, receiving her bachelor’s degree in 2016 and embarking on an engaging and evolving career. It’s just what she loves – exploring and learning. 

Brittani gives back to the Ontario Tech community by being a mentor in the Ontario Tech Hub. The Ontario Tech Hub pilot is an exclusive networking and mentoring platform that introduces users to alumni and students based on specific career interests and goals.