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The Alumni Association has been hard at work negotiating a new affinity relationship. These relationships benefit alumni by providing them with access to discounted services while also supporting alumni programs through a percentage of revenues. In other words, if an alumnus purchases a plan that best represents their interests through a particular partner, a percentage of that discounted service helps support the Alumni Association and its programming. It’s a win win-win! We are happy to announce our new health, dental and travel insurance benefits.

Below is a list of the products and services provided through Affinity Partners and one that is being worked on:

  1. Home and Auto Insurance: Johnson Inc. provides access to Home and Auto Insurance to alumni at group discount rates! We highly encourage you to shop around and ask Johnson Inc. for a fee quote the next time your insurance renewal comes up! There are no costs associated, only the potential to save.
  2. Health and Dental Benefits: Johnson now provides health and dental coverage There are three levels of coverage for health, hospital and dental including vision, drugs and paramedical services to meet the changing needs of your health requirements and lifestyle. 
  3. Travel Insurance: Now you can travel with peace of mind, as Johnson also provides you with travel insurance benefits.  Don’t forget to share your travel milestones with us for a chance to be featured in Connected:Living.
  4. Financial Services: The Alumni Association hopes to add a financial services affinity partner in the near future. This would provide alumni with day-to-day and life financing solutions (mortgages, line of credit) at preferable rates. This is a hard arena to negotiate in but we will keep trying! 

To learn more about all affinity partners and how you can benefit from them, visit the benefits section of the alumni website, or email us at

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