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How to make new friends in one easy step

For many, trying a completely new event or meeting new people can be difficult. Either you are nervous you will arrive and not know anyone, not know what to say or be too shy to say anything at all. 

At our first Alumni Association Reception of the season, I met JoAnn, a Commerce graduate who was trying something outside of her comfort zone by attending her first alumni event.

 “A good friend and I decided we both needed to get out more, meet people and network,” she said.  “I happened to receive the message from the Alumni Association for this event not too long after that conversation, so I told her about it and signed up.” In fact, the Alumni Association has a wide range of opportunities for alumni to expand their professional and social network, and potentially help advance their careers. 

Despite never having attended a reception or played laser tag before, JoAnn really enjoyed the reception’s relaxed nature. “I did something I had never even considered before,” she said. “and I must say that I had quite a blast.”

Because she took a chance and attended the reception, she had the opportunity to meet people in her graduating class, as well as other from different classes and faculties. 

JoAnn’s experience brought to light that participation truly has a ripple effect on involvement in our alumni community. Inspired by her time at the reception, JoAnn is excited to bring the idea of laser tag to her church’s young adults group and to attend another event.


Will we see you at our next reception? Join us for escape room fun and a Blue Jays’ game this summer. RSVP for the next Alumni Association Reception today!

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